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Search Engine Optimization

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a la carte e-marketing advertising

We always suggest advertisers do comprehensive marketing! Sales funnel is complicated and with media mix, therefore, advertising should fit the sales funnel. However, we also set up this a la carte e-marketing packages, for below reasons:

  1. Trial service

  2. Used to do only that/those service(s) with another service provider and want us help to do with better performance

  3. Short campaigns

  4. Occasion marketing need

  5. Budget

If our a la carte e-marketing offer suits your need, we welcome you try Digifarm's premium service, let us to be your e-marketing partner to promote your company, you products well and of course, to convert with good ROI!

Below you can find our packages covering:

Search Engine Marketing/Paid Per Click (SEM/PPC)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Social Media

Video Production

Display Marketing

For more detail, you can chat with us just using the chat box for solution


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