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Facebook ad boosting is not a difficult process. However, not everyone can do the marketing plan well to achieve the aims. Digifarm has over 7 years experience in handling Facebook and Instagram ad boosting, to serve different objectives, and achieve different results.


Services include:


- Plan the ad objectives: Engagement, website traffic, conversions, video views, lead generation

- Campaign budget and duration planning

- Ad set setup

- Audiences setup: Interest, Job titles, demographics, custom audience

- Placement

- Tracking Pixels

- Conversion count

- Optimization

- Report and insight


Ad Objectives:

App Installs – get more installs of your app
Brand Awareness – increase awareness of your brand and introduce it to new audiences
Conversions – encourage an action to be taken on your site such as subscribe to your list or buy a product to increase conversions
Engagement – increase engagement with your business in the form of likes, comments, shares, views, page likes, and event attendees
Lead Generation – generate and collect new leads and prospects into your sales funnel
Reach – expand your audience and reach people near your business
Store Visits – drive customers to your physical store
Traffic – drive traffic to a specific destination such as your website
Video Views – get more video views and expose your video to new audiences

Types of Facebook Ad Formats





Instant Experience



Management fee: HKD1750, ad budget: HKD15750*

*Advertiser should commit our content marketing package.


Facebook Ad Management-Enterprise

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